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          Duomei Flavor has gone through four years from beginning up to now. During these four years, via the faith of Duomei staff and understanding for flavor line, our company hold on consistently and keeps fast development. This owns to our diligent and persistent stuff. Hereon, as the general manager of Duomei Flavor, want to express my most sincere appreciate for staff’ support.
          Duomei flavor’s establishment、development and expanding can not leave every colleague’s hard working; also can not leave passionate support and great help of all friends from world. In times of rapid development of Duomei Flavor, I express my gratitude for each leader and all friends on behalf of company’s all staff. Thanks for everybody’s care for Duomei Flavor. Duomei Flavor endeavour to advance the brand value and affection all the time. And become your most reliable carrier partner!
          Heart with gratitude; How to repay? This is the problem of our Duomei Flavor staff remember and Continuously explore.
          To our customer friends, Duomei Flavor staff must try best to realize customers’ value and improve products’ quality to return everybody’s trust to Duomei Flavor.
For society, we guarantee to work steadily and painstakingly with conscience and responsibility of food line. To create more material and spirit wealth.
          Herein, I promise seriously for all friends who care and support Duomei Flavor’s development: under the tenet of “High starting point、High requirements”, Duomei Flavor goes forward steadily and create more value to serve the society.
          Thanks for all!

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