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Water Flavors
ATTRIBUTE: Water Flavors
DM-11001 red bull flavor true red bull flavor profile 0.02-0.1 sodas
DM-11003 lemon flavor fresh lemon juice flavor 0.02-0.2 beverage,cold drink, dairy
DM-11004 yoghurt flavor pure fruit aroma yoghurt flavor profile 0.02-0.2 cold drink, dairy
DM-11005 orange flavor true orange juice flavor profile 0.02-0.2 beverage,cold drink, dairy
DM-11006 lemon-lime flavor(sprite) sprite style lemon-lime flavor profile 0.02-0.1 sodas, juice beverage
DM-11007 banana flavor pure and rich banana flavor profile 0.02-0.2 ice cream, dairy products
DM-11008 cream flavor full and thick cream flavor profile 0.02-0.2 ice cream, dairy products
DM-11009 cola flavor true cola flavor profile 0.02-0.1 sodas
DM-11010 orange flavor fresh sweet orange honey flavor profile 0.02-0.1 sodas, juice beverage
DM-11011 orange flavor fresh orange pulp flavor profile 0.02-0.1 sodas, juice beverage
DM-11016 yoghurt flavor mandarin-flavored yoghurt flavor profile 0.02-0.2 cold drink, dairy products
DM-11019 pineapple flavor fresh pineapple juice flavor profile 0.02-0.1 dairy products, juice beverage
DM-11020 cola flavor rich and pure cola flavor profile 0.02-0.1 sodas
DM-11021 apple flavor green sweet green apple flavor profile 0.02-0.1 dairy products, juice beverage
DM-11022 mango flavor fresh mango pulp flavor profile 0.02-0.2 dairy products, juice beverage
DM-11023 juice peach flavor fresh juice peach flavor profile 0.02-0.2 dairy products, juice beverage
DM-11024 strawberry flavor fresh and harmonious strawberry flavor profile 0.02-0.2 dairy products, juice beverage
DM-11026 pineapple flavor fresh pineapple pulp flavor profile 0.02-0.1 dairy products, juice beverage
DM-11027 ginger juice flavor fresh ginger juice flavor profile 0.02-0.1 beverage
DM-11028 green apple flavor fresh and tender green apple pulp flavor profile 0.02-0.1 dairy products, fruit juice beverage
DM-11029 rice wine flavor pure farm brewed rice wine flavor profile 0.02-0.1 beverage 
DM-11031 green apple flavor juicy, fresh and sweet green apple flavor profile 0.02-0.1 dairy products, fruit juice beverage
DM-11033 sweet orange flavor juicy, fresh and sweet orange flavor profile 0.02-0.1 dairy products, fruit juice beverage
DM-11034 lemon flavor fresh and graceful lemon flavor profile 0.02-0.1 dairy products, fruit juice beverage
DM-11060 apple vinegar flavor bright sweet, pure fermented fruit pulp-flavored apple flavor profile 0.02-0.1 beverage 
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